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Thanks for the response. I appreciate your experience and your willingness to share.

I have not consciously measured his height for this specific reason until yesterday where both he and his little (13yo) brother went under the measuring tape. A few weeks ago I did download a PHV calculator and look forward to figuring it out.

The now 16yo did grow .25″ from 9/6/19 to 11/10/19 and another .375″ from 11/10 to 2/6/20 (5/8″ in 5 mos.).

Adaptation to stimulus is fun to watch and it’s got me thinking on ways to change that stimulus once adaptation occurs. I noticed both back in Nov. and in the last month that his adaptation occurred after only about 3 weeks. This has me wanting to experiment with the length of sets to keep that stimulus changing yet specific (ie change x75im to x150im for 2 weeks then with 3 weeks to shave meet go back to x75im). It’s got me thinking for sure.

Back to PHV. I’m still wanting to walk the fine line of enough stress (stimuli) on the system to create adaptation but not too much to adversely affect the teenage organism from being successful in recovery, sleep, school, etc. I go back to one of your early comments from your club coaching days of only having the kids do single workouts during the school year due to the amount of life stresses they have and how full their day already is. Why bombard them with filling every hour of spare time with swim training.

I’m still trying to clarify my thoughts on the vast differences in PHV between males and females and how/when it affects their peak performance in their careers and how to manage effectively. Kinda makes my head hurt. Need more time.