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Hi Doc,

Thanks for the reply, I actually really agree with you. I said I emphasised 200+ events, and I have (relative to usual), but still just over half of quality swimming in the program is at 100 pace or faster, which is less than usual (it usually is around 70-75% for the average swimmer, and up to 95% for one swimmer who is a legitimate 50 FS swimmer and does some 200 pace free 1-2 times per week mostly just for a bit of variety).

Honestly a bit over a month into training LC the bigger issue I’ve had come up consistently is the lack of turns in my opinion, along with the fact we don’t have access to blocks, starting to see some really lazy starts, turns and walls. And these are bad habits to build. Feels like I spend more time talking about those things than swimming technique at the moment, which obviously isn’t what I want.

Like the idea of using a tempo trainer, I do only have one though unfortunately. It’s a shame there isn’t a more affordable alternative, I feel like they are pretty seriously overpriced, but maybe I am missing something I suppose.

In your set with the tempo trainer, what sort of setting would you use? Target time, so 3 or 4 beeps would be 1:3 or 1:4 work to rest ratio? or do you have it beep multiple times per swim?

Overall I haven’t minded training LC. Definitely will be happy to be back SC in (fingers crossed) a few weeks though.