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Thanks for the advice Doc! I really appreciate it! It all makes sense.

My biggest worry is that my son has 2 more years, until college and I want to give him the best chance to have great times before he graduates.

My son feels like he should have faster times but his team’s 2 & 3 hour aerobic workout are not helping.

Current times are below. He really has not had any training or strategies given to him by any coach he has ever had for the 200’s, except, go out hard and sprint the 3rd fifty. I convinced him this week that a 200 is four 50’s. His best time for the 200 back is from over a year ago.

Current times
50 back 25.86
100 back 56.51
200 Back 210.08
50 free 23.32
100 free 50.96
200 free 1:53.94

If you’re okay with me asking you question via email, please email me at I would greatly appreciate it and I promise NOT to take advantage of it.

P.S. My son and I saw where one of your swimmers recently took a third at NCAA’s. My son’s comment was, Rowdy didn’t even mention your swimmer’s time, which was a great time in itself.