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Hey Swimin,

I coach 8,9 & 10 yr olds with USRPT (there is also a 6 year old girl in the group who has national times already) and I’ve seen really good results with it. I always keep my sets targeted between 15-25s rest and because of USRPT my swimmers have become very disciplined. They get their own times and tell them to me (including the 6 year old).

To answer your question, the times difference doesn’t matter because USRPT is specific to the individual so the swimmer going 45 and the swimmer going 28 are on the same set with different target times and different expectations and hopefully in different lanes. Also, the science doesn’t discriminate by age and it still applies to 12&U within reason as they have the same energy systems

As far as technique to work ratio. Our practices always begin with 15-30 minutes of technique work because that’s when fatigue isn’t an obstacle to learning. Our practices are only 1.5 hours and I can often get in two USRPT sets, if I want, but sometimes we play games.

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