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I’ve started writing sets up as 100p 25’s for 20min as opposed to 30 or 40×25 as I seem to get a better approach to the sets.

I try to keep the work/rest ratio as close to 1:1 as possible on 25m repeats (unless it means more than 15s rest), and then I only use 20s rest intervals for longer distances.

I also try to get them to finish with a turn regardless of what distances we are doing.

Generally I do a short warm-up (up to 15 minutes) then either a skill set or straight into my first set, depending on the length of session.
After the first set i generally do drills in the stroke just swum and then I move onto the next.

I try to do:
60min – 1 USRPT set
90min – 2 USRPT sets
120min – 3 USRPT sets

And fill the rest with skills and technique work.

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