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The problems you are facing with move-ups is difficult for all coaches and all clubs regardless of whether they are utilizing USRPT or not.

Also, while I have coached 3 years in age group swimming and 2 years in college swimming, I would recommend that you not worry about the intervals as much as you focus on proper technique and intensity.

The true benefit of USRPT is the neuro-muscular programming AND THEN the conditioning aspect. In reality, the adaptations are dynamic and simultaneous, but the whole point of USRPT is to return to the Specificity Principle. Practice how you will compete. Technique first, then condition within that technique. Turn the dial on the intervals once they have achieved race-technique and intensity, and provide technique feedback during the set so that they are focused learning and practicing the technique.

So, my advice would be, if some kids are getting more rest, don’t worry so much. Make sure ALL of your athletes are swimming at race pace within race appropriate technique THEN tinker with the intervals.

Our college guys did 25s 100 free pace on :30. They got between 15-19 seconds rest, when perhaps 10-15 seconds rest was more ideal. However, it was so much easier to calculate times doing the sets on :30 with a digital clock, that it was perhaps more advantageous for them to get an extra 5-10 seconds rest. They still did more strokes within a specific 100 freestyle technique and intensity than we did before in our previous training.

Hope this helps!

I'm proud of what we've done, but I know 5, 10, 20 years from now I'll wonder what we'd done had we done it 'right'