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We do almost no dryland during the season, but I am meeting resistance from parents over this. Personally, I agree with what Rushall has written. As a compromise, we are doing some core work to keep people happy, but I am still waiting for that definitive study that shows how dryland equates to faster swimming overall. We have eliminated all pull buoys, paddles, snorkels, etc… We only use kickboards during the recovery sessions.

The only anecdotal evidence I have gathered is that serious dryland training has a negative impact on times. I observed this again this year in a small group of swimmers who worked out diligently with weights, stretch cords, etc… under the supervision of a “swimming” conditioning specialist.This small group made the least gains in the pool. In the case of 2 of them, they did not achieve one personal best the whole season.

Just curious, have you noticed the same results in both boys and girls using usrpt? I’m mainly interested in the results of girls using usrpt.

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