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The key point I always stress is that we’re doing a set where you have to delay failure as long as possible.

Say you do a short set of 16×25 @RP100

First I started with having them complete all 16 repetitions, and simply take note of the first time they failed and how much times they failed in total.

Then (after 1 or 2 weeks of short sets) I progressed by explaining them that when they fail the first time, they rest one (or two, so they rejoin the group). When they fail a second time they need to abandon the set, get out of the pool and come and tell me what the first failure was and how many they did after the rest (e.g. “I did 10 and 5”).

After 1 or 2 more weeks I sat them down again and explained that they could continue up until a third failure with a rest after each failure. At this point they already got the hang of it.

Another week later I introduced the 2 failures in a row rule. Still having them come out of the pool and mention first failure and how many successful repeats.

The last step was providing them with a sheet of paper so they can record their progress.

It takes a bit of time, but it’s feasible when done in steps.