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Greg Tucker

50s are a different beast in USRPT. 12.5 and 25s are the yardage. All reps should be all out based on your desired time. 15 secs of rest between each rep. Lots of skill work on starts, Underwaters, breakouts and finishes.

Reps for 12.5s would 12-20. Reps for 50s would be 6-10. Timing would be to 1/10 of second, If you fail, sit. No slow swimming when you train for 50s. Don’t cheat. If you miss, sit. You can dive on one end, then push on the other end.

Typically no more than 2 strokes per set. Would do 3 sets on M, W, F. 2 sets on T, Th, S. Two weeks before meet I would unload a bit more by doing 2 sets on F.
The week of the meet I would do 3 sets Monday, 2 on Tues, 2 on Wed, 2 on Th and 1 on Friday assuming you swim Sat.

I would do lots of starts throughout.

Just my $0.02. Others may have different ideas.

Good luck.

Greg Tucker