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My fifteen year old son has started to apply the method USRPT three weeks ago. Eighty percent of the sets are 25’s and the targeted times are: 100 breast 1:04, 100 free 0:54, 100 fly 0:57 , 100 back 1:02.(all LCM)
So far, he improved all the time for 50’s (0.5 to 1 sec) and there is progress in the 100 breaststroke for 1.15 sec.
We often use three sets of 25’s with 20-24 repetitions with 1:1 rest ratio (seven sessions a week – five + two doubles).
The biggest improvement we noticed when we start the first series 25’s with stroke we swam twice the previous day.
For example:
24X25’s breast, 20X25’s fly, 24X25’s breast.
20X25’s breast, 24X25’s Back, 24X25’s free.
In the first series of breast on Tuesday, the breast times was faster than the the previous day.
In my opinion it is necessary to repeat part of what we swam the day before in order to neuromuscular system remembers the new load level