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60% is total at really any point in the season. If they are achieving 60% of total offered they are the most consistent meaning they will race well during the mid and championship seasons. They have shown good “mastery” and have “accumulated enough potential” to “utilize” it. Record and watch is really the best way to get a handle on it. That doesn’t mean that if they make less than 60% they will not swim well. They just aren’t as consistent as those that have 60% or better. (Dr. Rushall’s brain training):)

Most of the kids train for 100/200 frees and 100/200s of stroke and 200IM.

Here is a brief sequence of a week. This is week 1 of the cycle and is repeated again in week 3.
Monday free 200/100 and short to long
Tuesday Stroke 100/200 (IM) and short to long
Wednesday Stroke 100/200 (IM) and short to long
Thursday Free 100/200 and short to long
Friday Stroke 100/200 and short to long
Saturday free 200/100 (IM) short to long
The reason IM is where it is we have 8 lanes on those days and makes life a lot easier.
free or stroke means primary emphasis for sets. 100/200, if it is a free primary then is moving from 100 free sets i.e. 25s and 50s to the third set is 200fr work i.e. 50s or 75s. Short to long is a reference to distance i.e. moving from 25s first set to maybe 75s as last set.

The 2nd and 4th weeks we move around the primary emphasis with the major change being we go long to short. The reason here is that as you go later in the workout fatigue does accumulate I don’t care what Dr. Rushall says. So by changing the distance order and putting say 75s early this gives them a chance to improve numbers done while not under fatigue from earlier sets.

After watching and recording the numbers I’ve found it to be the better sequence of work for MY kids. Would really need more coaches recording to see if this is the BEST for swimmers.

I wish I could figure out attachments. It would save me a lot of time typing.

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