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Thanks for your reply and sorry it has taken me so long to say thank you. I guess the biggest concern here is with the 9-12 yrs who are doing well with the distance events and seem to really like swimming middle distances. 200, 400, 500. Is this the best method for them with long rests between each set? And like I said in an earlier post I like the idea of all of this but if it’s not being done exactly the way it is intended are we benefiting the kids who were getting great times prior to training USRace Pace. Then you put them in a 200M or 400M free and they are dying at the end of the race. Can not keep the pace? What do you call this? Are they possibly out of shape because the training distances are less? Are we possibly coaching this technique the wrong way? Is there a maximum number kids that should be with one coach for this type of training. I know Michael Andrews does this training 3 x a day and he is the only swimmer in his workout group. Anyone’s thoughts are welcome. And if you have this type of swimmer please share your advise, and your successes.