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My name is Paul White and I am a coach with Brunswick Aquatic Club in NC. I’ve coached for 2 years somewhat out of necessity because the team my daughter swam for bailed out a couple years ago so me in all my glory :)started a new team (80-90 kids). My daughter has swam year round for 7 years & has done very well in the sport. That being said, I have questioned her training since she was 9 (now 13). My “real” job is that I am a chiropractor as well as a nutrition & physiology nut… NEVER made sense to me watching her swim 4500yds to get better at the 100, etc. My educated brain knew that it was training the wrong system not to mention ingraining some terrible stroke habits that we are now working on. USRPT is a godsend for me as it was my “told you so” moment. We’re not effectively having a long course season per say BUT, I am taking my daughter as well as 3-5 others & working them USRPT the whole summer. It’s going to give me a chance learn & implement with the plans of transitioning our team next year (I am also the dir of competitive swim so I have to say so).

I’ve recently gone through the DVD’s & am online constantly learning. I can’t thank you enough for providing this site because I feel rather lost at times. our short course season is basically over this week & I am beginning the USRPT training staring next week!!

wish me luck 🙂