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Here’s my challenge: I have always emphasized the IM’s, as any club coach should do in my opinion, but that is a debate for another time.
I have found that doing 25’s at 100 Pace is great for the 200 IM and doing 50’s and 200 pace is great for the 400 IM. A little bit of transition work mixed in with the occasional IM rehearsal swim and walla! I think you have some successful IMers.
But, if the goal is to get 3 sets of each event in per week, how do you have the time. If have 4 2 hour practices per week and 2 1″45 practices.
There is not enough time to get in all the combinations of 25’s and 50’s of each stroke not to mention training for the 500 and above.
Recently I have hear the idea of doing 3-5 times the race distance. Is 12 x 25 or 12 x 50 really enough?
That is my only real concern going forward, but I really want to make sure I plan properly so there are no glaring holes in our training.