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Video is a great tool. My kids never believe they are making basic technique mistakes until I show them. Being able to show it and immediately get them back in the pool is great. Our former team had an awesome camera and video system – movable above and below the water. They did not utilize it as most parents had hoped. One thing they were supposed to do was make a DVD of each swimmer with the VoiceOver from the coach pointing out things to work on. The plan was to add to it every couple of months to help the kids see how they were progressing and what they still needed to accomplish. I would kill for them to have done that. Technique is our most difficult aspect since I never swam. I use my iPad to show them poolside and occasionally do actual video that we upload to computer to be able to put it on a big screen at home.

Yes, the IM set was at 200 pace.

I will try to upload my tracking forms when I can get to my computer.

My 10 year olds tend to try to sprint everything while the 13 year old gets pacing. Is this a maturity as a swimmer thing, or is there something I can do to help them get it? My 10 year old will swim his first 1500 in July. I don’t want him to die. He did his first 800 in April in 12:00.