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    Hi everybody,I kinda new with usrpt,I have question,what type of warm up should I do at the meet
    before my individual event with usrpt? any advise will be appreciate.


    Check out the blocks, check out the walls/turns, check out the markings on the bottom of the pool etc.

    Swim 400 or less warm-up.

    Do a few (up to 5) race pace 50s on a generous interval.

    That’s it.


    Good advice Glenn.

    Warmup has two purposes:

      1. To get warm (blood flow)
      2. Familiarity (with race-specific speed)

    It doesn’t take much to get warm and a few 50s or 25s (depending on the race) at race-speed will do the trick.

    ? P2Life - Performance Nutrition


    Ok,thank you so much for the advice and i will do it.


    My kids LOVE our warm ups now. They might be 300yrds at most & most of the meets are so flippin crowded they get zero accomplished. Our last LC meet I watched in horror as these teams averaged 2500yrds of warmups/drill/etc!!!

    Typically our kids have to re-warm up before their individual event & that’s when they work on pacing for that event.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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