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There’s a lot I (we) can’t discern from your post alone but a couple things stand out to me.

1) it is waaay early in there training to see the benefits IMO. I too am only a few weeks into our USRPT and it’s taken us this long just to get going & work out the kinks in a new training style. Those neural pathways are so ingrained in them it’s going to take a while to adapt. We have a LC meet in 4 weeks & I have no clue what to expect & neither so they ta this point. I (we) just know it’s the right thing to do.

This bullet by Rushall helped me a lot

2) According to the doc, mixed training will get you mixed results so it’s impossible to tell what is going to come out of USRPT training when 50% of their training is still traditional. I’m not sure your purpose for doing this? Meaning, are you experimenting with USRPT or are you not allowed to go 100% with it?

I understand the frustration & wish you guys the best going forward