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We do it very similar to TSV.

  • ±8 swimmers/lane
  • each swimmer has a sheet with target paces
  • each swimmer has a log sheet to record results of sets (either x+y+z or first fail, total at race pace and overall total) and reference previous results before starting a set
  • divided in lanes either by different send-off time or having the fastest kids race each other
  • not all the kids always do the same stroke in a set, we have sets on “personal stroke” (their best stroke excluding freestyle). We still match kids based on speed, if possible.

An practice is usually structured as follows:

  • fixed 15min dry-land warm-up (dynamic stretches, injury prevention + running and jumping)
  • set for 50m or skill set
  • set for 100m stroke/free
  • set for 200m free/stroke

Odd weeks we first do the set for 100m, followed by a set for 200m. Even weeks we first do a set for 200m, then the set for 100m.

If the 100m set is for a stroke, the 200m set is for freestyle and vice-versa.

An example of a practice (of yesterday):

  • 15min dry-land warm-up
  • 200m choice
  • SKILL: 2x(6x25m) on 45s: 12,5m sprint underwater kicks + break-out + easy till 25m ; extra rest of 30s after 6
  • RECOVERY: 200m backstroke: alternate 25m kick + 25m full stroke
  • SET: 20x25m on 35s at 100m pace for best stroke (standard 3x fail or 2x subsequent fail set-up)
  • RECOVERY: 300m back/breaststroke: 25m + 25m breast, all easy, focus on perfect back-to-breast turn
  • SET: 10x50m on 1:05 at 200m free pace followed by 10×25 on 35s at 200m free pace (finish with feet)
    • after first failure on the 50’s they should switch to the 25’s, first 6 are always considered successful (so they do at least 6)
    • all 25’s have to be completed
  • RECOVERY: 300m free: breathe per 7/5/3 strokes per 25m

It may not seem much, but if they really hit their paces (which they did) they are really exhausted after each set. But very importantly: they don’t feel “dead” after the last recovery + shower time

EDIT: kids in practice are between 12 and 14y

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