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Some good answers @wordofmouth…..

FYI Swimming world Magazine’s June issue does quote Micheal Andrew trains 3 times a day at 1500 yds or meters (not sure which) each training session. And he raced almost every weekend from March through April. Not saying that’s bad, but is it a realistic type of training for your 14&unders.

Read the article and let me know your thoughts. I feel it is a really good read and does not favor either type of training (USRPT or traditional).

The thing I keep getting stuck on is mixed training gives mixed results. I feel like with anything in life the same thing does not work for every person. Like learning in school everyone learns differently and certain things work for some and not for others. Are we saying USRPT is for everyone????

I am in with USRPT at this point, but wonder what will come of it once all the questions and kinks are worked out.