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We went to our second LC meet of the season and did not have the same results. The first was two weeks ago. The 10 year olds had 100% PB, and the 13 year old had 87% PB. Several factors may have played into this meet not being as successful.

We have recently joined an AAU summer league team. They are practicing 1 1/2 hours 3-4 mornings a week in addition to our normal USRPT sessions. I know this falls under the “mixed training = mixed results” mantra. We chose to make a trade-off. They have missed being part of a team, and this is a relaxed, fun atmosphere. They do the conditioning exercises Rushall describes and focus a lot on technique. They have done one meet with this team and are having a blast. I keep telling myself that I am making sure they are having fun.

Two swimmers (10) had been away at camp until the day before.

We left at 5 am and drove six hours.

The 10 year olds had 37% & 25% PB. In all but two races, the boy had no competition. He was half the length of the pool or more ahead in the other races. Is having someone to race an intangible that I can not quantify?

The 13 year old trained as usual. He had 50% PB. His first race was the 1500, and he dropped over 16 seconds in eight weeks. I was greatly encouraged by his first day because he swam 100% PB. The meet ended up being very small with turn around times of around 15-20 minutes. He ended up swimming in 16 events. He made it through – even posting a PB in 200 Fly as his last event. He was hurting so bad that he asked me to scratch which he has never done. I think I made the right decision in getting him to dig deep and push through. He proved to himself that he could do it.

Did those factors really make an impact? We are supposed to go to an outdoor meet in four weeks. The first two of those, the 13 year old is out of town. The second week, the 10 year old boy will also be gone. I need to decide if we should still go. It is a 5-6 hour drive. I don’t want to set them up for failure. I would love feedback from you guys!