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Not that I know of.

There are a number of ways to use the TT that we have played with.
1. straight one to one w:r e.g. pace time is 12.35 rest is 12.35
2. we have cut that in 1/2 and used 6.17, so it takes 2 beeps to get there but they only get 1/2 for rest. This can get tough. So we may have them go 8 x 25 at 1:1, then go 4 at 1:1/2 and then follow that up with 8 at 1:1. Not bad for 25s but they are not fans when we do this for 50s.
3. If I want to extend the rest then I’ll have then go with 2 beep rest or 3 beep rest.
4. You can also challenge them and see if they can make pace with only one beep or 1/2, if you have them set pace at 1/2 50 speed. Less rest at race pace! we have done it as 10 x 50 at 1:1, 6 at 1:1/2 and then 10 x 50 at 1:1. it’s a *&^%$ but when done they have enjoyed the challenge.

They do enjoy the sets. Because they can tell where they are having problems. Espicially when doing 50s. Set TT at 1/2 50 pace, so it becomes a 2 beep 50. They can make it to the 25, but falter on the back 1/2. So now they know that they really have to focus on the back 1/2 in order to make it.
We have even done it by dividing the 50 into 1/4s, then they really know OK it’s my last 12.5 that is my problem.

We also do it with 75s stroke and they really become engaged.

For 50m pool and doing 25s we would do 25 on pace and then they get 2 beeps for rest. Which gives them just enough time to easy swim to the end and get ready to go again.

You can really get creative with TT and they can tell you alot if you pay attention.

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