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Coach Erik,
We have the same struggles. Every season when we switch over from SCM to LCM they will “plug and chug” on the 50s and we do them 3 times a week free and 3 times a week stroke and takes them 4-6 weeks to get in the groove.

We don’t adjust pace “slow down to go faster?”. The best success has been in the early season is to adjust the set instead of 12-20 x 50 as a straight set. We will break them into sets of 6-8 and do 4 to 5 rounds with an additional :20/:30 rest between rounds. Watch their respiration rate as a guide if by the end of 20/30 seconds they could hold a conversation with someone then rest was too long and readjust. Usually into the second and third rounds nobody is talking to anybody regardless if it’s 20 or 30 seconds 🙂 As the season progress and they have “accumulated some potential” we then will move into more of a straight set i.e. 12-20 x 50 and do that set 2x.

just a thought

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