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oldschoolc (and/or anyone else who wants to chime in…):
Curious about a couple of things that you have posted here and elsewhere. First, what led you to base your paces on specific portions of the races rather than straight avg’s? Not confronting, just curious.
Second, with regard to your recording, do you distinguish between volume assigned/attained at an improved pace? That is, if you have an in-season best time you will update your pace targets, right? So the seasonal totals record attainment of a “moving target” that is subject to all kinds of variables such as meet attendance, event selection and so on… I use a system very similar to yours and this has always bugged me. Two solutions that I’ve seen, both imperfect, are to benchmark from goal times rather than current times OR to simply start a new chart for each improvement. So far I find neither satisfactory and I simply note the updates in the date field and live w/ the imperfect totals.