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Hi, ive came across the same problem but not with just my highschool but my club team aswell, my highschool is straight traditional, but my club team is better but still about 80% traditional and 20% race pace stuff(ex we do 200pace 50’s maybe 6 times a month, the rest is traditional) its abit upsetting because whenever we do 200pace 50’s i feel so fast in the water but the next day, we switch to traditional and i can barely catch any water. Just wanted to point out that i feel your problem, i have a big championship meet this weekend and then an offseason right after for 3 weeks, i have told myself that if i dont se a significant improvement in my times(im shaved and tapered) that i will do 100% usrpt on my own for those 3 weeks of off season, even if i do see an improvement i will still do it, i believe in the training! Just some helpful tips, if you are training on your own, try to find a pool with a digital clock or try to buy a small portable one, it makes it alot easier to see if you have failed in a set or not. If you can get someone to time you that would be alot better, if not then the digital clock will be a big help!