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Coach Tucker,
I presented a lot of this information about a month ago at the North & South Dakota Swim Coaches Conference in Fargo, ND. Well received by the majority of the coaches had about 50ish and other than that no real desire to publish any of this. I really do it more for my enjoyment/passion, for my staff and for the kids.

The kids have a pace range for freestyle and one for their stroke that correlates with race performance for 25s, 50s, 75s and 100s. We are more Parametric in our progression, meaning we control the number offered each time they do the sets as we progress thru the season. We use the “rules” that’s what the kids’ call it with 2 in a row out or 3 total misses and out.

I’ve included a “snapshot” of our “n x 50 fr on :50/1:00” Excel spreadsheet I use to record and tally numbers. This sheet goes from A1 to BA1. So it’s a small “snapshot.

Stdev is standard deviation: this is VERY important. A lot of coaches may record the average for a set and try and use that to do race projections and miss a key component which is standard deviation it will tell you the technical reliability of the swim i.e. d/S, tempo, turn speeds and speeds underwater. The lower the Stdev the better technical work.

Avg- & Avg+: is their pace range with avg+ as the slowest speed they can go.

The columns with dates are where we record number offered (#O) and number made (#M) that’s the number they give me after the set. The spreadsheet keeps a running total of #O & #M throughout the season and what percentage they have made at the point in the season. You see we sometime increase numbers and at other time we’ll decrease numbers depending on how the athlete is doing. We’ll also make big jumps in numbers just to see if they will respond to the challenge. That usually falls flat on its face.

“Total offered” column is the total number offered to the swimmer for that season
“Total made” column is the running total made by the swimmer for that season

“% total offered” column is the one we think has the greatest importance because it gives the best information on how they will perform. It shows mastery, high accumulation of potential and fitness. Caveat here is done at the correct speeds which is a whole other topic.

All workouts are written in WORD so it’s just a simple “cut and paste” from Excel spreadsheet to the workout of the numbers they made from last time. So they know that that need to improve on making more than last time.

The distance question is interesting. We are really good out to the 200s all strokes and 400/500 free with the work we do and have good correlations from race performance to practice and vice versa. I wish I had kids that wanted to do the 4IM and mile. At one time I had 3, but after the 3rd workout they had a come to Jesus meeting and decided to swim shorter events. They found out that swimming at race pace for the 4IM and mile every workout is not easy. They actually cried after reading the workout.

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