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The % improvements for our Sr State meet ranged from .9 out to 3.87. If I filtered out the attendance then we were 1.27 to 3.87 and that’s just at that meet. I should have LC season % improvements done in a couple of days.

No recovery. An interesting observation with the 3 day is we see no “hang-over” they are capable of coming right back to work. In the traditional taper you seem to have that “look like crap” phase for a couple of days after a meet. I’m sticking with the 3 day.

We use the 3 day reduction for the majority of meets we attend. So the kids are very familiarly with the protocol and know its results.

I would experiment with the 3 day as many times as you can especially when you need to swim fast, record the data and compare to past performances. We use “are you faster now than at this point last season”. Try to compare apples to apples.

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