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Probably 10-15. I wouldn’t etch that in stone but it’s pretty damn close. Rest interval of 10 to 15 seconds. Your set is fine. What you might want to do is start increasing the number of 100s and decrease the number of 75s and 50s. e.g. Maybe you go 6-8 x 100 @ 500 pace, then 6 x 75 @ 500 pace followed by 12 x 50 @ 500 pace with ever short rest (10 seconds) and see how they do. Don’t be afraid to experiment! If they can’t do it you do what you are already doing and that’s let them stop and shift to the next lower distance.

Don’t worry about it being exactly USRPT. You have to remember that MA is really the only swimmer we know that is using USRPT and maybe a couple of season of SDSU college swimming. While Dr. Rushall’s ideas are based in well researched science the good Dr. has not shown any data that validates this. We in the field are the practioners and have to work with each other to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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