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Now you’re cooking with “peanut oil” (sorry Duck Destiny fan)! You are doing exactly what others should be doing! It’s called getting better! It is never a “waste of time” to time your swimmers it shows accountability! And you are not going to lower your “expectations to increase their chances of success”. I do it with 18-22 swimmers every day and still get technical work in. God damn right it’s hard and you go home exhausted. But you know you are not going to be the weak link. “Athlete centered and performance driven”

“Repetitive” my kids have the same workout 3 times a week depending on the cycle; short to long or long to short. So, if we’re working stroke they will see the “exact” same workout 3 times during the week. It maybe M, T and then TH or some other combination and I have zero complaints. They accept the challenge “can I make more than I did the last time”.

Your sets are fine. They are distance appropriate. Just an FYI: I use to do 100s in stroke for kids that did the 200s of stroke and found speed were too slow and switched to 75s, because they could carry better speed and technical skill. Watch and see.

Rick, you have to remember that Dr. Rushall’s job doesn’t depend whether he’s right or not. Ours does, I’ve read every post on this site and not one coach has posted any numbers their kids are doing e.g. we are doing 20 x 25 and they did 16 or we make 90% of the number offered. Not happening! I believe they don’t record the number their kids made! My guess is your numbers are a lot closer to mine and you would be surprised.

Your ideas on your upcoming meets are “are not silly” You are trying to base it on the best data you have. Record data and evaluate. Rick, I have kids that have never swum under any other system and often remind me of protocols. That’s the problem with being 60 

I will share what I have and if I don’t know I will tell you.

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