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I just thought I’d give an update on my swimmers to the people who’ve given me advice and to anyone else who is interested.

We rested a little bit on Wednesday before the meet. Most of my swimmers did somewhere between 1,000-1,300 yards at race pace. I didn’t do the 3 day protocol but took out enough reps to make them think they were rested for the meet.

Most of my swimmers did great and helped rid me of a lot of my anxiety. My top sprinter (who started using Oldschools 50 advice a couple weeks ago) went the fastest she’s ever gone in season. She went 25.9 and 25.1 on the relay. Her lifetime best is 25.3 so I’m thinking if she had worn a tech suit it could have been a lifetime best. Her 100 was 57.4 so 1.6 seconds off her lifetime best of 55.8. Her confidence is back 100% and she was working her butt off today in practice. I had a younger girl go 26.4 on the relay and she’s never broken 28 in her individual 50. She also broke 1:00 for the first time in her 100 and she had never even broken 1:01 before. My top breaststroker got the fastest time she’s had in 2 years and is on track to finally get a best time after being in the same place for a long time. Overall my entire team did very well and I think they will all be ready for sections in 6 weeks.

My only concern is my distance swimmers. All of the advice I’ve been given is very helpful so I’m not doubting or asking to change anything. Just more stating my fears since my wife is tired of hearing me talk about swimming. 🙂 They went 5:43 (lifetime best is 5:31) and 5:49 (lifetime best is 5:23 from 2 years ago, was 5:26 last year). I’m not so worried about the first girl since she has been 5:40 this year. With a suit I think she’d be at her best time. With some rest I know she could be under 5:30 right now, though I’d rather have her at 5:25. The second girl is a senior and she works so hard that I feel awful every time she has a disappointing swim. I want so bad for her to be happy with her senior year. We’ve started doing more 100s in practice and she can hold 1:08s but she can’t consistently go under 35 in her race. I’m not sure if she’s just swimming it wrong or she’s just worn out from all the race pace yards. Her 200 is even worse but it might just be because she swims it 1:02/1:10 for a 2:12. I think if she went 1:04 that first 100 she’d be 1.5s faster at least. I’ve rambled so much. Thanks for reading all that. 🙂

I guess I do have one question. She has tapered really well in years past. Can I expect a big drop from a USRPT taper… or sharpening period? She’s been 5:47.0 this year but even a 10 second taper and 10 seconds from a suit won’t get her back to where she was last year with traditional training. These girls are hitting 2,500 yards most days if that helps with guesses on what some rest would do for her.

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