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Women! This is a rough one. The problem is women swim in two different boats. The preadolescent boat has no hips, no breasts, little to no adipose tissue and everything you throw at them works (records books are littered with them and especially in the breaststrokes). Then they start menstruation in which time you have about 1 ½ – 2 years until the dreaded second boat appears in which hips start to widening, breast start to develop and the gradual addition of adipose tissue. Not a path to elite athletic performance. It is a very frustrating situation for both coach and athlete and it’s no one’s fault, it’s just what is. It’s a biological function and happens to all women. Now not all women go thru this; some were very good at picking their parents.

Based off her BT she would need to be 1:05.31 for her 100s and her 50 times doubled are 1:06.2, even at the 5:26, she will probably have a rough time equaling that.

The best advice is “rest” in personal communication with Ernie Maglischo “he always started that when in doubt error on the side of rest” Maybe start four days out with a 10% to 15% reduction, then move to 25% toward 50%. PURE GUESS ON MY PART. What’s your gut tell you?

Question: You stated that the tech suit had played a part in the improvement in performance of her 200 from 2:07.9 to 2:30.1, that’s a 3.75% improvement which is pretty good. What percent of that do you think was due to the suit?


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