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Attached is a cycle that I use during the HS season for my club kids. You’ll see that I don’t make 200s of the stroke a primary emphasis (pri) as they don’t swim 200s of the stroke in HS. It’s not rocket science. I have from second week in November to mid/end of March to get them ready for 200s, if I can’t get them ready in that amount of time then I’m doing something wrong.

100s. I don’t have any correlations on 75s to 200 race performance. I do have back ½ 100s to 200s race performance and that’s .987 – .95673. I can see the logic doing 75s early in season. They carry better speed and probably technical skill until fitness levels come up. But I would be careful making performance predictions off that without any data.

Mix. Why? So you can fill 2 hours plus/minus of practice time? Spend the time on starts, turns, underwater work, breakouts and surface swimming skills.etc. will pay greater dividends than whatever “traditional distance training” is.

Just ideas


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