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Thanks for all of that. I’m not sure I understand 100%… or even 80%. 🙂

Are you recommending to add the 8×25, 8×50 and 5×100 to what we’ve been doing or replace it? Wouldn’t I still want to be getting them up to 2-3,000 yards at 500 pace? So in that case are you recommending multiple rounds? Or is this something you are just suggesting for the last 2 weeks before Sections?

Reading it again it sounds like something you think I should do during the 10 days leading up to sections? Wouldn’t that be a huge drop to go down to only 600 yards of 500 race pace yards? I’m probably reading this all wrong and just really confused.

Unrelated question. What type of percentage drop do you typically see with the 3 day protocol? How much does it vary based on gender, age, event, etc.?

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