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I’m with ya. This is our first year of USRPT & I knew going into it that it would be tougher mentally on some more than others.

For example: I have a 14yo girl who has swam year round since she was 6…..all traditional. She has never been one to blow it out in practice but she does pretty well in meets. She makes JO’s and sectionals every year. Going in I figured If I had her racing more (USRPT) that things would kick in & she would become the swimmer I believe she really is…….NOT HAPPENING.

Being “on the clock” for all these sets has really messed with her head. She feels like a failure most of the time & lately will stop in the middle of a set because she “thinks” she can’t hold the time. I ask her what she thinks the consequences will be if she doesn’t & she doesn’t have an answer. She doesn’t push all that hard so she tends to miss a lot of her intervals. I was doing the 2 in a row or 3 misses & your done like the doc says but for this swimmer, she would get in about 200 yards total is she did that.

I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do with her. I’m just letting her get though it for now

Would be interesting to see if boys were prone to do better with this system