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Sorry for very late reply. Daughter’s getting married and busy as hell.

Ok I get it now. That was a study done in 2000 at OT by Genadijus Skolovas, which did show that women distance swimmers where the only ones that benefited in performance from increase in volume. There is a way to skin that “cat” and stay within the USRPT system, kinda :). We’ve used 200s and 400s. Start with 200s and you can do this one of two ways. 1. use 500 race splits and use the last 200 split or if you want a little tougher use 100s 3 and 4 added together as “target pace” time, this is down, dirty and the quick way. 2. Test. which is 3 x 200 on short rest say less than 30 seconds, record each time, figure average and that becomes “target pace” and you do the same with 400s. Just use 1000/1650, somewhere in the middle of the race take a snapshot of a 400, it will get you close. It at least gives you race focused distance work and I can tell you now you want to hear a bunch of whinning. Trot out the first time say 4 x 200 or a 3 x 400 with 15 rest at target pace and stand-by. After I’d done this type of work with my distance kids 3 times in one week they stopped swimming distance and decided to swim 200s. Funny as heck!

The correlations are how close their training pace was to actual race splits. So, .987 to .957 is how close their pace time/target pace 100s was to actual race back 1/2 100.

Hope this helps


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