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What where you “hoping” for? From what you stated your kids was pretty well.

FYI. At the Olympics games in swimming the rate of improvement is only 25%, so your 68% is well ahead of that! I guess you can look at the “hole in the donut or the whole donut”.

So you’d have to say they got what they trained for? I would use this as a teachable moment and show that those that held pace in training swam faster and those that didn’t for whatever reason didn’t achieve PB/BT or whatever. My question is “why are you guessing as to them swimming their paces”?

1. Don’t “freak out”. You can never show chaos or uncertainty! You have to project an air of confidence and calm. Yes, your insides are churning a mile a minute and at times you fell like you’re ready to puke. But never display a lack of confidence as your athletes will pick up on that.

2. I’m a club coach that has to get kids ready to swim fast for the end of the high school season and I think you know from the posts on this site I have a pretty good handle on what it takes to swim fast. The majority of my kids will swim in the last chance to qualify for HS State next weekend. This is exactly what I’m going to do. Monday we will be at current numbers (regular training day), Tuesday I’ll reduce the numbers by 25%, Wednesday another 25% and then on Thursday they will do a meet warm-up and Friday they start the meet. This is our 3-day protocol.

I’m not trying to be mean here but you have to post numbers! “Holding her pace and “she works so hard” means nothing. I know what you what your’re trying to say and we all have kids that we want to do well because they work and believe in what we say. But without numbers it’s anecdotal.

You’re correct with when in doubt “error on the side of rest”. But this is something you have to determine. There’s something in your gut that just tells you that you need to start earlier with certain swimmers.

Best to you and your swimmers!


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