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Thanks. I figured whatever measure I use will have to take the general success of the set into account. There are at least a couple statistically sound ways to do that (average, median, ect.) However one slices it there would still be a Total Yardage number and a Race Pace number and thus a Percentage at RP value.

However one measures it there needs to be a goal or guideline. Depends on how far down the USRPT rabbit hole one wants to go, for sure, but hearing from others on what their guidelines and goals are with respect to RP volume would be interesting and helpful.

On days that we do 2 longer RP sets (900+ offered in each) percentage volume RP offered can get over 30%. For a week it’s closer to 20-25%.

I’ve done enough to be convinced that 60+% volume at RP per week is feasible. We haven’t done a 3-set practice yet, but that’s coming. Performance and numbers will ultimately point the way, given what i’ve seen I think 60%, while big, isn’t too crazy.

Anyone else?