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My 13 year old who wound up going 1:02.49 was going 1:07+ most of the year. She had one really nice 1:06.2 but her time coming into the season was 1:04.3 so she felt like she wasn’t getting the conditioning as well. Her times she swam on :40 correlated much more closely to the actual time she got when we rested for Sections. They’re bound to go faster than 100 pace when @1:00 but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. My girl couldn’t make more than 2 reps when we did them @:30 so @:40 wound up being the magic number.

And she is also an IMer and a feestyler so there were a lot of days that she didn’t do our 25s @1:00 fly. Looking back she did about twice a week a set for fly @1:00.

Have you done a fully rested meet with a fast suit yet? What sets have you been doing with your daughter and what interval? I’m no expert on this and only have one flyer who is somewhat close to that speed but I can share what data I do have.

What times has she been going in meets?

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