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I’d keep the 3 x per week for sure. But what I’d do is break it up. “Specific speed over the distance”

We have used 100s, 75s and 50s for our 400 swimmers. I cycle them by day and week.

This sets primary distance rotation for first set in workout. It gives them an opportunity to swim each distance fresh, try and improve number of makes from last time.

Monday 100s, Wednesday 75s and Saturday 50s
Monday 75s, Wednesday 50s and Saturday 100s (might need to be ready that Sat. could be rough)
Monday 50s, Wednesday100s and Saturday 75s

Early season numbers:

3-4 x 100, 6 x 75 and 9 x 50 and by the end of the season we should be in the 9-12 x 100, 12-16 x 75s and 16-20 x 50s. That’s the plan and you know as well as the rest of the coaches that the plan can come to a screeching halt at anytime. But that’s what we are trying to get accomplished.

So a workout say mid-season might look like this:

10-12 minutes warm-up

6 x 15m turns (start from 7.5m) to a 3 hand hit breakout

8 x 100 @ “n x 100” pace on 1:30, we’ll look for improvement here over last time

8-10 minutes of skill or easy swimming

10 x 50 @ “n x 50” pace on :50/1:00. If the 50s had been first it may have been 14-20 but because it’s second I try and take into account “accumulation of fatigue” and what I’m looking for here is to at least maintain numbers made and there are times some actually will improve. That’s ok.

Again, 8-10 minutes skill or easy swimming

12 x 25 stroke on 1:00 @ “n x 25” pace. Here we are just maintaining numbers made.

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I reread you original post and your girl said some interesting about not being tried but just couldn’t go any faster. She might be saying but not knowing this that it’s a “speed reserve” issue.

My question to you is do you do any supplemental speed work? Maybe 4-6 x 25s on 1:00 at first 50 speed of 100 or 6-8 x 50s on 1:30/2:00, at second 50 of 100 to just get up and get going!

Just thinking out loud


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