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So it’s more likely to be at the high end of the standard deviation? I was assuming that most of the time it would fall closer to the middle.

She is well above 40% made. However, we never offer 25s on :30. It’s all :40, :50, or 1:00. I can’t give you an exact percent made right now. The results chart is at the pool. It’s in the 75% range when we’re going on the :40.

We have done zero 50 flys this year so I can’t give you any numbers for that… 🙂

For the sets I’ve calculated this week she has averaged 14.99 on the :40 with a standard deviation of .35. She was not very focused this set. It sometimes takes her a while. She went 14.61, 15.24, 15.40 then jumped down to 14.55. That’s the reason for the crazy standard deviation.

She averaged 14.81 on :50 with standard deviation of .17 and averaged 14.84 on 1:00 with standard deviation of .17. She was slower on 1:00 because it was the end of practice.

I’m happy with how she is swimming. Today she was a lot more focused and had even better results.

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