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Gary P

The increase in kick intensity was definitely intentional. Late in the training season, as I was looking for ways to get deeper into sets, I worked on a 6-beat kick to go with my “distance” stroke. (My 100 free stroke pattern is to breathe every 4 to the opposite side). I would start with a 2-beat, then go to a 6-beat later as the arms started to fatigue. It got me a little bump in repetitions successfully made so I worked it into my race plan, going to the 6-beat at the 200 mark. If my kick looks a little inconsistent early, it’s partially because I was fighting my natural inclination to go harder there.

Thanks for the insight on the walls. I knew the breakouts got worse, but I didn’t catch the pre-turn issues that probably contributed to that. Also thanks for pointing out the diminishing rotation and shorter stroke late. Things to work on, things to work on!