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Some thoughts on question 1. Years ago I thought I would be clever and start with goal speed and figured they had plenty of time to make the adaptation. They did swim fast. But man the numbers never really got very high (less than one shift) and didn’t do that again.

I’m guessing that the shift to best times was probably too great and some may need a little more time in the pot to cook so to speak. I started with the times from their conference meet last year and broken them down into the appropriate training sets. Then I created 2 columns one was an increases to pace time of 1% slower and the other was 3% slower. They like to have a little wiggle room and it factors in stdev. I started the groups at the 3% of best time or split and with a few exception all are 1-2% faster than their conference meet performances.

I would tweek them a little say .5% to .8% and see what happens.

Remember I’d never seen the majority of these swimmers before September.

Thoughts on question 2. I have 3 female swimmers in the same boat. If you looked at their trng paces and race splits you’d think they were a completely different swimmer. It’s the tech suit for whatever reason when they swim in that suit they go really fast! which is not a bad thing. But hell on the coach trying to figure out where the athlete is in trng. About drove me crazy trying to figure this out. Example of one girl: n x 50 stk on 2:00 trng pace 34.49 and race split 32.91 and n x 25 on 2:00 projected 26.04 with a race split of 24.30.

I’m just watching and seeing what happens. Never experienced this at the club level.

Question 3. I try and get in at least 3 x per week both free and stroke. I will adjust the numbers depending on where I want it to fall in the workout. Example: first set we are looking for improvement over last time offered (no clutter of sets before). If it’s a second set then it is more maintenance just make what you did last time and if it’s the 3rd set just give we what you got. We will play lets’ make a deal on 3rd sets. Example I’ll pick a swimmer (I call it “spotlight swimmer” and say if you make x number in a row then the group gets to stop. It might be a set of 12 x 50 on 1:00, and if the swimmer makes 6 in a row the group is done. (hint pick a swimmer that hasn’t ever made 6 in a row) they will light the pool up! We just did it tonight the 3rd set was 8 x 50 stk on 2:00 with a girl that hadn’t made 4 in a row ever and she went 27.69, 28.18, 28.34 and 28.84 with a pace time of 30.02. The group went crazy and it’s truly their brain!

Hopefully this gives you some things to think about.

Please tell me you are not doing the calculations from SCM to SCY by hand. EXCEL can easily handle this for your whole team.


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