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lefthanded swimmer

Thanks for your reply. Your suggested pace calculations are pretty close to what he is doing. I will admit he goes faster than that pace at times (maybe 4 times per set). I also admit I like seeing him enjoy going faster than the true desired pace! How do you tell a kid to slow down?

I don’t really know that 16-20 of 25’s is low. I played with USRPT sets with his older brother at times in the past and noted two differences: the brother stayed tighter within the prescribed time range and typically cranked out mid 20’s before 3rd fail. I have no knowledge base to say 16-20 is low other than after 2 months we haven’t seen a real change in time improvement for 100 times which leaves me wondering if our training output should be increased by: 1. sticking closer to the prescribed calculated interval (not blowing past it) 2. doing more sets of 1:2 rest.

Despite the lack of time improvement there has been an adaptation period of improvement of stroke pace. From doing long (traditional) training, he had a lot of “glide” to his strokes. He really had around a 1.5 second pace for his 100’s pace. Most data shows that good swimmers swim 1.1-1.2 seconds per stroke for 100’s. He now can at least swim at that pace. He just didn’t hold it during the recent test set.