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lefthanded swimmer

Well the data part is easy as I am an accountant armed with a spreadsheet (I’m not a real coach). We wanted to do USRPT so here I am coaching! 🙂 Just so I understand your data above: Are you saying your above swimmer averaged 6.2 repeats per this 50 fly set? I thought this didn’t comply with the 3 to 5 times race distance per set. Your numbers are more in line with what my son is doing (6 repeats on a 50 but I thought we were woefully below the expected volume).

Also, you are saying a 12-14 (no fails) made of a 25 set with 1:1 rest/work, you adjust pace? My son wasn’t able to hold the same time he could do on the above set when performing a test set (pushing off the wall).

These questions are the kind of things I am struggling!

Your breakout and reply was SUPER helpful! Especially the breakdown of the components.

Thanks for your help!!!