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You got it! BT is “best time”. Some use PB.

6 months ago we were just starting the college season and swimming yards. I had never seen these kids and had really no idea what they could actually do or not do. Spent a tremendous! amount of time teaching them the system.

With regards to the number of times I schedule the sets you asked about. The Sprint group would do them 6 to 8 times a week. So, pretty much every day. The Mid-Dist. kids where 4-6 and Dist. 2 to 3 (very one needs speed) Your 500 will not get faster, if your 100 and 200 don’t progress.

Just an FYI. For those that are trying to reach the max. number Dr. Rushall has published. You will swim them right out of speed. If you understand how the body treats exercise you will figure it out. The Aussie Coach Bernie Wakefield(now deceased), years ago wrote an article about “endurance thru speed” that you start with speed and progressively move it to endurance. Sound familiar? Think!

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