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Aargh @doc, the stress! I’m hoping for a 2:19.97, that would qualify her for European Juniors championships. We’ll see, at this point I’m putting priorities on enough rest. We continue normal sets, but immediately stop at failure. Combining nx50 on 2′ for 1st 50 of 200 and a set of nx50 on 1′ for 50 2,3,4 is hard in the same practice.

: until July 2015 we trained 5x2h per week. Since Sept 2015 we have an additional 1.5h and sometimes she doubles on saturday. Currently we are mo 2h, tu 2h, we 1.5h, th 2h, fr 2h, sa 2h (+ occasionally a second practice). We don’t do any dryland, except some dynamic warmup (very limited) and she goes running about 1 to 2x week, depending on school work etc.

We’ve been waiting a long time for this progress, but she improved technically (1,2 strokes less per 25) and of course she’s been working hard, lots of determination, frustration, failure, but ultimately succes 🙂