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Thank you for the feedback! Regarding the books I’ve been lucky enough to have a very smart coach point me in the right direction with where to find quality information 🙂

We’ve done 10-15m efforts with higher velocity than the 25s. We’ve also done 6 second max effort swims both with limited underwater work and full underwaters. We’ve also done 6-8 cycles at a time with tempo. On these I told them to try and get more distance each rep with the same number of strokes/tempo.

I will try implementing some varying tempo work as well. We’re 5 (women) and 12 (men) days out from our conference meet so I’m assessing some of our results.

I’ve attached the tracking/testing for our 25s on 2:00. This is every set + number made since our mid-season invite (the rest is in a different workbook). We retested yesterday. The one swimmer I thought was at a speed barrier actually improved but very minimally (10.11 to 10.08). Any feedback you or anyone else has on the workbook or maximizing those improvements would be greatly appreciated!

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