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Kevin & ljomccullough,
Your worst nightmare has arrived:).

Based off the limited information you posted (not meant to be mean). I used some software I have to do some projections for her goal speed from 1:05.1 to 1:04.5,that’s a .93% improvement and should be very doable. I take, well EXCEL doses, that % improvement and divide it in half to give me a mid-season time of 1:04.80. So, working at her mid-season goal speed she would be “n x 25s on 1′” 15.15, with a no slower than speed of 15.60 and “n x 50 on 2′” should be 34.22, with a no slower than of 34.74. The (“no slower than speed is 3% over goal speed). If you are working at goal speed that gets REALLY rough. I’ve tried that and numbers made are VERY low and it’s VERY frustrating to the swimmer. It can be done. But just be ready for VERY low numbers made. Your thoughts on low numbers made is valid. I’d feel comfortable if my swimmers can make 6-8 “n x 50 on 2′” in a row, at no slower than pace. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Mr.ljomccullough :),
Your thoughts are logical. How do you increase “force production”? make them take less cycles at or close to the same speed. Think about it. The brain learns at speed. We have done this with our DD sprinters also. So far with mixed results. Only one year’s worth of data. But I’m not ready to give up on it.

I have done the same thing in breaking up the sets. Instead of 10-12 x “50 on 2:00”, we do 4 x 4 x “50 on 2:00” (started with 4 x 2 x 50 on 2:00), with a 200 causal swim on 3:00 between rounds. I have to remember that the speed is the critical component and anything I can do to insure that I will adjust and if it means adjusting rest interval or breaking sets up. I will. Whatever I have to do to get the race pace.

I hope I’ve given some insight into your questions.

Guys. You have to give more information. Actual paces for “n x 25 on 1:00” and “n x 50 on 2:00”, etc. It really helps. General numbers or season goals make it damn near impossible to help.

I’ve attached an EXCEL sheet I use to track swimmer performance though the season. If you look at the highlighted box in green you can see the correlations are pretty high. We do this for every set we run during the season. No brag here! There aren’t 3 coaches in the country that can correlate their training sets to actual race performance.

Again, I hope this helps,

ljomccullough that wasn’t so bad was it? 🙂

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