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Thanks so much for your response Denaj. This group is practicing for 1.5 hours as well (ages 9 to 11). There seems to be a lot more stroke work and wall time in our practices, than what you are saying. This group went from practicing about 2500 to 3200 in a practice to switching philosophies and now doing race pace. Which I am totally on board with but I am concerned it is not being done USRPT way. I feel like it may a modified version for this particular group. I believe it is being done this way because the group has large range of swimmers. Some who really need a lot of stroke technique and others who could always use more stroke technique but really don’t need an hour and 15 minutes of it. This group is only doing one race pace set per practice and the set is the last 15 minutes of the practice. The set is 10 25’s or 5 50’s. I am concerned for the hand full of the top swimmers in that group wondering if they should be moved out. But then you run into an age difference in the next group where they are mostly 11-13 year olds with a few older 10 year olds. The coach for this group (9-11) is very new to working with fast 10&U who want to hit the top levels of national age group times. The coach is trying, but for this group of 9 to 11 year olds it is hard for the coach to manage it all. I have watched our other groups and coaches seems to be on board and know what they are doing with USRPT. Anyone else out there running into these issues. All feedback is welcome. Thanks