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I find training girls in USRP a little easier because they generally can train at a higher percentage of there top overall speed. Where as with, especially older, guys they are often trying to hit paces that they did taper and shaved that were way faster than anything they had done in season. Having said that, when I have expressed this to others, usually I find that they don’t see a noticeable distance. Either way, I think USRP is great for Girls.
As far as non specific training, I think dryland can be beneficial in two ways.
First if you are doing it as a sort of occupational therapy. Addressing individual issues that keep them from moving properly. If they lack strength or mobility in certain areas etc.
The second is with girls who are having weight issues.
I think there is a possible use for anything as a teaching aid, but I do not see much use in traditional kick board ( promotes bad kicking form) and pull bouy use.