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Well, the DVD’s are basically Rushall talking for about 9 hrs about his studies/beliefs/experiences. It starts with USRPT but also covers psychology/technique/pedagogy (see his books). The first DVD contains handouts, then it’s simply Rushall talking.

It is interesting to hear him explain things and this certainly adds to the available written articles. However, I expected a bit more out of the DVD’s. For example, an insight of how the Andrews are implementing USRPT (especially since the DVD’s are produced by them), how do they build macro/meso/micro cycles, etc.
Or other coaches explaining hands-on experiences (maybe from the Carlile club Rushall supports). Showing progress of swimmers over the course of a season while following a USRPT program.

I feel they did not exploit very well the fact that it’s a video medium. Not a lot is “shown” (well, Rushall talking or an image from his slides).

I do recommend the DVD’s, it’s very interesting. But I must also mention that I find the price to be steep for the above reasons. Note that I only watched them once, maybe my feelings change after watching it again. It’s up to you 🙂